image of Adriana Ariza

Adriana is a Positive Developmental Psychology Ph.D. student and has been working at YD Eval since she started studying at CGU.

She has worked as an evaluation and research associate for multiple programs across LAUSD including, Project Grad Los Angeles, Shakti Warriors, and more. In addition, she was the project manager of an evaluation conducted for a local Boys & Girls Club. She joined YD Eval to gain critical hands-on experience in evaluation, partner with practitioners to design programs that optimize child development, and gain critical insight from practitioners about what they are learning in the field that can inform her research endeavors.

Adriana’s research interests include social justice and how best to optimize youth development within disadvantaged contexts. She enjoys working with non-profit organizations aimed to promote flourishing amongst low-income youth of color. Aside from her work, she likes to spend her time traveling, salsa dancing, and drinking craft beer with her family and close friends.