image of Brittany Hite

Brittany received her Bachelor’s degree at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. She graduated with a double major in Psychology and Sociology. She also received a concentration in Social Welfare. She recently finished the Masters program at Claremont Graduate University receiving her Masters in Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Positive Developmental Psychology at Claremont Graduate University.

Brittany has previous experience working with children and adolescents in summer camps, youth ministry, fitness programs, and after school programs. She is currently spending her time evaluating after school programs such as After-School All Stars.

YD Eval first attracted Brittany as she was passionate about optimizing youth’s development. Setting youth on the best possible developmental trajectory helps to produce better outcomes for those youth when they become adults. Ideally, optimizing youth development can have a ripple effect that helps to make the world at large a better place to live in.

The other thing Brittany loves about YD Eval is its efficiency and aim towards improvement. After school programs and educational systems are already in place to help youth grow and learn. Instead of starting from scratch, it makes a lot more sense to work with the systems in place and figure out the ways in which they can improve. Research and practice can come together in these moments to exchange resources and expertise to make the most effective settings for youth to develop.

When Brittany is not conducting evaluations and learning more about youth development, she enjoys going on nature adventures, playing Ultimate Frisbee, drinking some fine brews, and spending time with people that matter most to her.