image of Kathleen Doll

Kathleen is a current PhD student at Claremont Graduate University, studying Evaluation and Applied Research Methods. She possesses BA’s in Political Science and Psychology, with a minor in Women’s Studies, from Chapman University, as well as a MA in Evaluation from CGU. Over the past three years Kathleen has had the privilege to collaborate on numerous evaluation projects, most of which are within the education or youth development sphere.

Currently, Kathleen serves as an Evaluation Associate on YD Eval’s evaluation of the Feeding America Child Hunger Corps Program.

Kathleen first fell in love with evaluation during her year-long term of national service with AmeriCorps. After this transformative experience, Kathleen began her graduate studies at CGU and joined YD Eval. She was drawn to YD Eval’s recognition of the power of evaluation to connect people and improve lives. She was smitten with the sense of community and inclusion manifested within the YD Eval’s practice.

Kathleen strives to utilize systematic rigor and unwavering professional ethics as mechanisms for social change in her evaluation practice. She brings knowledge and experience in evaluation design, survey creation, data analysis, and mixed methodology to her work at YD Eval.

When Kathleen is not dabbling in the wonderful world of evaluation, she enjoys hiking in Colorado, her majestic homeland, going on foodie sojourns, and binge-eating grapes.