image of Kimberlee Handloser

Kimberlee has gained more than 5 years’ research and evaluation experience through her work with health care systems, county public and mental health departments, and universities. She has participated in projects involving cyber security, telehealth, diabetes prevention, nutrition and physical activity, service learning, and healthy communities. Kimberlee has experience in all aspects of the evaluation project. Her responsibilities have included meeting with stakeholders; designing the evaluation methods; data coding, extraction, and analyses; and report writing and presentations.

Kimberlee received her Masters in Applied Psychology (health behavior research & evaluation) and Master of Public Health (health promotion, education, and evaluation) through the dual degree program at Claremont Graduate University. She was a Randall Lewis Health Policy fellow with the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health where she was instrumental in creating strong data tools for healthy community initiatives.

Kimberlee brings to her projects a diverse background enabling her to provide thorough, well-thought out projects and programs that address the needs of all stakeholders.
Kimberlee is an avid runner and loves to explore new places, often combining the two.