image of Lisa Teachanarong

Lisa Teachanarong Aragon holds a Masters degree in Positive Developmental Psychology and Evaluation and is working towards obtaining her doctorate in the same concentration at Claremont Graduate University. She initially joined the YD Eval team because of its commitment to improving the lives of youth through high-quality program evaluation and continues to enjoy the reward that comes with helping clients improve their program based on research findings and data. She has worked as a senior evaluation associate at YD Eval for six years and has extensive experience conducting process and outcome evaluations in K-12 settings, developing and piloting developmentally-sensitive methods and measures for different evaluation contexts, and working collaboratively with clients to design and execute evaluations that will meet their organizational needs. Given her research interests in social-emotional development, she regularly serves as a content expert on a variety of youth development evaluation projects, contributing her knowledge of the empirical literature base to program improvement and impact evaluation efforts. She enjoys working with clients who prefer a collaborative learning approach and programs that are committed to developing the ‘whole child’ in K-12 settings.

Currently, she serves as the project manager for the evaluation of Project Grad Los Angeles (PGLA)—a longitudinal, quasi-experimental study designed to assess program impact on student indicators related to college readiness, persistence, and success. Her responsibilities include corresponding with the client, managing a team of graduate students, and overseeing the conduct of all evaluation tasks, ranging from logic model development to measurement and protocol development, data collection and analysis, and report writing to diverse audiences. Her skills include working collaboratively with diverse groups of stakeholders, building long-term relationships with clients, and thoughtfully packaging evaluation findings in ways that promote stakeholder comprehension, use, and action.