The National Evaluation Capacity Lab, led by Dr. Leslie Fierro, engages in several types of projects to enhance our collective understanding as a discipline about how to build the evaluation capacity of nations while also delivering high-quality evaluation work. Our efforts fall into three main categories:

  1. Research on Evaluation Capacity Building – As one of few academic institutions that have a specific graduate-level focus on evaluation, we strive to produce research that is helpful in understanding how to improve the effectiveness of evaluation practice. In our lab, we focus on performing research studies that contribute to a collective understating about how we can create a context within nations so they are conducive to commissioning, supporting, and using evaluations.
  2. Evaluation Capacity Building Efforts – Our team delivers professional development workshops to members of organizations who wish to build their internal capacity to support high-quality evaluation practice. In addition, we engage in innovative, collaborative interventions to build evaluation capacity.
  3. Evaluation Practice – Our lab regularly engages in planning and implementing high-quality evaluations for a variety of clients. Recent evaluations focus on public health or educational efforts that aim to address outcomes arising from social inequity.

For more information about the National Evaluation Capacity Building (NECB) Lab, please contact: Leslie A. Fierro at