Several lab members have also implemented or are currently designing master’s theses and dissertations which will contribute directly to our collective knowledge about building our collective evaluation capacity.

  • Albertina Lopez, MA (dissertation) – Leadership for Achieving Evaluation Capacity Building Goals: Influencing People’s Commitment and Behavior.
  • Heather D. Codd, MA (thesis) – Evaluative Thinking: The Myth or Magic of the Profession of Evaluation.
  • Piper Grandjean Targos, MA (thesis) – Exploring the Motivations for Evaluation Capacity Building in Nonprofits.
  • Phung Pham, MS (thesis) – Evaluative Thinking in Two Parallel Contexts: Evaluation and Emergency Medicine.
  • Bree Hemmingway, MPH (proposed thesis) – Evaluation Training for Public Health Educators: Do they have what it takes?
  • Marcia Joppert, MPA (proposed thesis) – Evaluation Influence Leading to Social Change in Brazilian Local Government.