A Holistic Approach

Our ultimate goal is to partner with organizations dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth, and families. We are energized by collaborating with agencies who want to use evaluation science to understand not only whether their programs work, but also why they work, under what conditions do they work best, and for whom do they work. We are passionate about working with organizations who want to use evaluation data to drive continuous improvement in the systems, operations, and services they provide to young people. Through our evaluation partnerships, we are committed to ensuring programs are designed well from the start and implemented with quality so that young people are positively impacted through their sustained participation.

Developmental Psychology

As applied developmental psychologists and program evaluators, we integrate developmental theory to inform our evaluation approach in the methods we chose, the measures we develop, and the interpretation of your results given the broader research literature. We are committed to evaluating the whole-child when appropriate; this includes examining multiple domains of development (academic, social-emotional, and physical), the ecological context surrounding the child (families, schools, peers, and communities), and what the child brings to the program context (their motivation, interest, and engagement with program services).

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Collaborative Partnerships

Our evaluation work is informed by understanding your context. Every program, community, and stakeholder is unique, and we make every effort to understand your distinct context so that the evaluation we provide is useful, responsive, and appropriate for your needs. We want to learn as much from you as you do from us.

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Evaluation Science

Evaluation science is rapidly expanding. There are a range of different evaluation approaches, designs, and methods to use when evaluating a youth-focused program. As evaluation experts, we understand these varied approaches and know how to apply the right tools to address your most pressing evaluation questions. We work with you to understand your evaluation needs, develop a proposal that comprehensively and cost-effectively addresses your needs, implement our evaluation plan with as minimal disruption as possible within your organization, and then partner with you to use the results to document program effects and drive organizational improvement. And, when possible, we also want disseminate our collective work to an academic research audience so that they can benefit from your real-world experience impacting youth.

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