Family Membership: What’s in it for us?

Annual Membership Fee: $3,000

A family membership unlocks a variety of benefits for you and the family members you work with:

  • Admission to four programs a year, including three education sessions and one annual symposium
  • Networking opportunities with family business owners and members, both locally and globally
  • Invitation to exclusive events at the Drucker School and Claremont Graduate University
  • Access to faculty and industry research related to family business issues and trends
  • Listing on the Drucker School Global Family Business Institute webpage, program handouts, and annual reports
  • Member-only access to the Institute’s resource library and private directory of members
  • Subscription to the online family business Institute’s newsletter containing information directly related to family business issues
  • Opportunity to participate as a guest on Very Different Rules, Drucker Schools Global Family Business Institutes Podcast Series

To be eligible for a family membership, members must work for or come from a family business. We define a family business as any family-owned and managed business in which two or more family members are involved, and the majority of ownership, or control, lies within a family.

Membership Application

Partners Program

Annual Membership Fee: $15,000

The goal of the Drucker School Global Family Business Institutes Partners Program is to provide members of the Institute with ongoing support when dealing with issues in their family-run businesses, either in person or remotely.

The Program is limited to non-competing partners who have experience working with complex and multigenerational family businesses as well as an active interest in the challenges and needs of our members. All partners agree to a “sales-free” environment so members will feel comfortable engaging with partners.

  • Partners will be recognized on all print materials, our website, at an annual symposium, and in annual reports.
  • Partners are invited to attend all events organized by the institute and will receive personal invitations to other events hosted by the Drucker School and Claremont Graduate University.
  • Partners may be invited to participate as a guest instructor for Managing the Family Business classes or speak at events/workshops depending on their industry expertise.

Membership Application