Drucker’s Executive Education prepares leaders to deal with numerous 21st century business challenges. In the program, they become adaptable, nimble thinkers ready to embrace change and make it work for their companies. Above all, they are able to lead and inspire, develop talent and help it grow.


Drucker Executive Education programs improve executive leadership capabilities in numerous areas, including:

  • Creating a Vision for the Future
  • Developing and Retaining Key Talent
  • Digital Strategy for Leaders
  • Business Unit Leadership and Strategy
  • Leveraging Emotional Intelligence
  • Rainmaking and Professional Services
  • Advanced Strategic Management
  • Managing Talent Globally
  • Foreign Markets: Entry and Exit
  • Rolling Out Global Marketing Strategies


Managing Professional Services Firms
Leaders of professional services firms need multiple talents: thought leadership, talent development, operations, client service and financial management. Drucker Executive Education programs build these alongside two primary skill sets:

    • Rainmaking and Client Management – Courses in how to target, select, develop, maintain and extend client relationships; negotiate price; manage difficult conversations; and upsell
    • Business Competencies for Lawyers – Four capability-building training and development courses for lawyers offered in partnership with Southern California law schools

Organic Growth
Drucker’s practice leaders have created The Discipline of Organic Growth a foundational methodology for unlocking the mindset of senior executives, often the greatest barriers to growth. Through it, they achieve unrealized potential through growth tradecraft and principles customized to your organization or company.


Drucker Executive Education develops customized, solution-driven programs that fit your company needs. Recent custom programs include:

Strategic Capabilities

  • Market Segmentation
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Branding and Brand Development
  • New Product Development
  • Acquisition, Divestitures, Post Merger Integrations (PMI)
  • Innovation: Sophisticated Strategies to Develop
  • Growth: Core or Adjacent
  • Digital Strategy and the Digital Consumer

Human-Assets Capabilities

  • Cutting Edge Leadership Tradecraft
  • Succession Planning for 21st Century
  • Rainmaking and Client Development
  • Best-in-Class Leadership Teams
  • Leveraging Your Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing Talent
  • Training and Development of High Potentials
  • Project Management and Execution