Claremont Graduate University created the Claremont Research Institute of Applied Mathematical Sciences in 1998, matching the needs of industry with research conducted by university faculty and students. This research institute, funded entirely by outside support, developed initially as a natural extension of a quarter-century of student/faculty team problem-solving in the Mathematics Clinic, a special course that originated at Claremont Graduate University and Harvey Mudd College in 1973-74.

Since 1974, the Mathematics Clinic has completed nearly 200 project-years of work sponsored by approximately 70 different firms, and involving hundreds of graduate and undergraduate mathematics and science majors. As well, the clinic and institute programs have attracted more than 50 postdoctoral mathematicians to Claremont for extended periods of participation. Drawing from this vast reservoir of direct experience with industrial problems, and augmented by a curriculum that emphasizes mathematical modeling of real problems, mathematics faculty at CGU have pioneered the development of advanced mathematical methods and computer algorithms that can be applied across many areas.


The broad mission of the institute is to:

  1. conduct research in advanced mathematical, computational and numerical techniques aimed at the solution of complex, real-world problems;
  2. provide a center for graduate and postgraduate education for students in applied mathematics, with emphasis on complex problem-solving;
  3. host a site for continuing education, intensive seminars and sabbatical visits by scientists and applied mathematicians who develop and use these techniques.

Organization and Sponsorship

The work of the research institute is performed by project teams, each consisting of a technical project director (or co-directors) and by technical support staff drawn from Claremont faculty and students, a variety of visitors to the institute, and more advanced post-doctoral researchers. The institute is administered by a director and an administrative and computing coordinator. The institute provides a research extension of the Institute of Mathematical Sciences of Claremont Graduate University.

The research institute’s work is supported financially by consortia of sponsoring corporations, national laboratories and other institutions with common goals and objectives.