The Kay Center for E-Health Research is housed in the Center for Information Systems and Technology at Claremont Graduate University. This collaborative is composed of faculty, post-doctoral researchers, visiting scholars, and policy advisors. The work they do spans four areas:

Applied Research — The Kay Center conducts national research on new e-health systems in the healthcare and disability industries. The primary activity of the center is research toward design and development of information system frameworks for using technology in the domains of preventative health, chronic-disease management, disability determination, and use within vulnerable populations.

Public Policy Impact — A critical function of the center is its involvement in research and outreach concerning strategic policy issues for enhancing the development and deployment of electronic health and disability systems, with particular regard to national and federal policy.

Symposia and Forums — The center annually brings together thought leaders from industry and government to analyze management and policy issues for improving electronic health and disability programs and policies.

Cooperative Research Initiatives — The center pursues collaborative research opportunities and practicums with public and private sector entities with similar research and outreach missions.

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