The use of Personal Health Records (PHRs) represents the opportunity for individuals to take an active role in their health care. Through research, presentations, symposia, and PHR product design the Kay Center has been particularly active in contributing to research and development of patient-centered health information systems. This focus especially relates to the impact that PHRs can have on improving the lives of those that belong to diverse, disabled and underserved populations and how health information system developers can be responsive to the unique needs of these populations. It will be necessary for health care providers to incorporate technologies that appropriately empower users. The Kay Center is actively involved in research that seeks to:

  • Investigate the specific usability and user requirement needs for development of health IT in consideration of chronically ill and underserved patients needs
  • Outline strategies for providing broad access to personal health information resources for diverse and vulnerable populations
  • Explore implementation and adoption factors for PHR use within community health environments
  • Maximize the potential to positively change the health outcomes of vulnerable populations by providing them with timely access to relevant health data and mechanisms that streamline communication with care providers
  • Design responsive PHR systems that empower patients as they seek to manage their health and medical conditions