Assessment centers use simulations to evaluate leaders’ knowledge skills and abilities in key areas. By recording and evaluating leaders’ behaviors in simulated scenarios that have been carefully constructed to mimic situations that leaders encounter every day, leaders can receive very specific feedback on their behavior and tailored recommendations for development. This type of assessment has been shown to be more accurate than 360s or self-reports, and is often used for selection, promotion, and development of executives.

The Claremont Leadership Assessment Center (CLAC) is the cornerstone of LeAD labs. The CLAC includes an on-line pre-assessment, followed by a four-hour in-person leadership simulation, consisting of an email-based activity, a group meeting, and a one-on-one role play. Upon completion, LeAD labs’ trained personnel will review the leaders’ performance based on their written material and audio-visual recordings, and rate leaders’ specific behaviors against best practices outlined in the most up-to-date scholarship on leader effectiveness.

Participants later receive a detailed CLAC feedback report framed around LeAD labs’ 6P Leadership model, documenting strengths and providing specific suggestions for further development. LeAD also provides opportunities for leaders to develop their skills through coaching and training.

Traditionally, the resource- and labor-intensive coding process has confined the use of assessment centers to an organization’s key executives. However, LeAD labs’ university-based model brings this highly accurate and tailored method within reach of leaders at all levels, at an average cost of just $500-$1,000 per leader.

Recent CLAC clients include: The All Our Children International Outreach, The Boys and Girls Club of Redlands, The Bright Prospect, The Claremont Community Foundation, The David and Margaret Youth and Family Services, The Family Service Association of Redlands, The House of Ruth, The Inland Valley Hope Partners, The Inland Valley Humane Society, The Kiwanis, The LMWS Inc., The Pacific Lifeline, The Pomona Valley Workshop, The OPARC, The Shoes That Fit, Trinity Youth Services, and the Getty Leadership Institute (GLI).

For more information, or to register, please contact Dr. Becky Reichard at or 909-607-0457.

Sample Feedback Profile

Client Testimonials

“…it analyzed leadership performance in three of the most demanding situations in which I find myself regularly; the opportunity to discuss the experiences with peers; performing in a high stress situation with the luxury of reflecting on that performance immediately thereafter.”

“…The exercises were difficult and challenging…true “stretch” work.”

“The real world scenarios were refreshing and humbling. Destabilized is a good way to describe my feeling coming out of today. My assumption is that this day will be memorable and serve as a trigger in my process of becoming a better leader.”

“The simulations were very useful because they felt very much like an ordinary working day – very realistic. This means the feedback will be based on actual behaviors which will be helpful in learning what I am doing successfully and where my approach could be improved.”

“To be assessed by total strangers based on video evidence is wonderful. I feel this feedback is more reliable than the 360 since no apparent bias is at play but, most importantly, this feedback is based on real evidence of how real assessors viewed my behaviors in different contexts. Very productive and the feedback is enormously helpful.”