LeAD seeks to increase understanding of which leadership development practices work and under what conditions they are most effective.  Our aim is to use the tools of applied research and evaluation to create evidence that directly addresses the challenges of leadership development practitioners across the globe.  In addition to helping to produce practitioner-relevant knowledge, we are also committed to using the best available evidence on effective leadership development in our own client services and products.  We combine key insights from the research literature with information about the local context and needs of our clients to deliver high quality developmental experiences for a variety of leaders across numerous industries.  As evidence-based practitioners, LeAD employees are committed to continuously improving as individuals as well as collectively by integrating relevant research findings, consideration of our client’s needs, and a deep respect for ethical concerns into our everyday practices to maximize our ability to achieve our organizational vision.

As research-based practitioners, we are developing a series of white papers that review the existing theory and research on various domains of leadership. For example, we offer white papers on Leadership as Pathways, Leadership as Positive Persuasion, Leadership as People & Place, and Leadership as Problem-solving. These 10-15 page white papers interpret and present leadership theory and research in a reader-friendly and practical format. Graduate students may assist faculty in writing white papers, which are grounded in a thorough review of the literature and may serve as students’ portfolio items.