Evidence and evaluation are central to everything we do at LeAD Labs. This includes the development of new leadership assessments, online training, and the implementation of applied services to answer key research questions.

While the Evaluation Lab is a newly created lab within LeAD Labs, the members of the lab have been diligently working on projects that will impact both the internal workings of LeAD Labs and the external interactions they have with clients.

Currently, the Evaluation Lab is working on several projects to better improve the strategic initiatives of LeAD Labs as a whole and ensure that we are using our time and energies effectively to produce the best services to our clients. One of those projects includes developing a dashboard for LeAD to track those progresses, collaboration and discussion with other labs on strategic initiatives, and providing recommendations on best paths to reach the goals of LeAD Labs.

Furthermore, the Evaluation Lab is also developing a logic model for LeAD Labs to use when explaining to clients their unique and effective processes used to develop leaders. By presenting the graphical representation of these processes to clients, it allows for an easier understanding of why LeAD Labs is able to produce quality results for their clients and shows the evidence behind our practices in a simple format.

By working simultaneously on both the internal and external evaluation projects, the Evaluation Lab is able to satisfy the needs of both LeAD Lab members and clients we serve. The Evaluation Lab hopes to continue to be an integral part of LeAD Labs and a source of relevant information for clients’ inquiries.