Internal Program Evaluation

As part of ongoing process improvement, we engage in internal evaluation for all LeAD programs and offerings. Internal evaluation is both formative and summative. Formative evaluation allows us to adapt and adjust our services and internal processes to ensure that LeAD offers the appropriate combination of services, maintains high-quality services, and is responsive to leaders’ needs. To ensure LeAD services actually promotes leader development, we also engage in summative evaluation to determine the impact of our leader development services and assess achievement of short-term and long-term program objectives.

Program Evaluation as a Service

In any organization it is important to know if and how a program is achieving its objectives. Drawing upon our expertise in evaluation, research design, and organizational scholarship, LeAD is able to offer tailored evaluation services to our clients.

For organizations interested in tailored evaluation services designed to improve the effectiveness of their organizations, LeAD provides a range of services through the Claremont Evaluation Center such as program evaluation, human resource evaluation, needs assessments, cost-benefit/cost-effectiveness evaluation, organizational evaluation, and management consulting.

Formative evaluation is useful for answering questions that will help guide decisions during the development of a program, such as “which activities are working the best?” or “what do participants think of the program?” Formative evaluations typically involve reviewing the program design, processes, and implementation in order to improve program effectiveness.

Summative evaluation is useful for reviewing the results of a program. It involves comparing the program outcomes against the stated objectives. Summative evaluations can answer key questions such as “how did the program achieve results?” and “for whom did the program achieve results?”

Claremont Evaluation Center