The Workshops Lab is focused on delivering the training support both internal members and external clients require to reach their growth potential and performance objectives as leaders. To this end, we utilize current research, industry best practice, and psychological principles to provide both off-the-shelf and customized educational curriculum that aligns with LeAD labs’ 6P Leadership framework.

LeAD Workshops

We offer a number of workshops and courses for groups of leaders including our Leadership as… series, cross-cultural interaction skills training, leader self-development online training series, and other workshops upon request. Workshops are integrated into 6PLeadership Framework. However, workshops can be taken a la carte and independent of assessments. All workshop sessions are highly interactive and participatory, are led by seasoned facilitators, and are designed to give participants tools they can use immediately. Registration is capped at 25 leaders per session.

Claremont Cross-Cultural Interaction Skills Training

The Claremont Cross-Cultural Interaction Skills (CCCIS) training takes a new approach to preparing you and your employees for success in diverse cross-cultural interactions by building general competencies and psychological resources such as motivation, optimism, confidence, and resilience when engaging in cross-cultural interactions.

Leadership as…

The Leadership as… workshop series focuses on the predominant forms of leadership based on decades of theory and research. This series of 90-minute stand-alone and integrated workshops begins with the Leadership as Strengths workshop that utilizes Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 online pre-assessment.

Self-Regulation Training for Leader Self-Development

This online self-regulation course equips managers to self-develop as leaders using their own experience and according to their own pace.

Positive Leadership Development Course

A master’s level leadership course offered through Claremont Graduate University is being offered in two modules with in-person sessions three hours a week for 8 weeks per module.

Introduction to Managerial Coaching Skills Workshop

The Introduction to Managerial Coaching Skills Workshop aims to build the leadership capacity of the entry- to mid-level manager who supervises a minimum of one direct report.