While valuable, the typical diversity training or cultural etiquette training, which usually consists of memorizing customs and facts of a specific cultural group, falls short in preparing employees who need to effectively interact with customers or fellow employees from a wide variety of cultural groups and sub-cultures on a daily basis. While your employee may know how low to bow when interacting with a Japanese colleague, do they have the self-awareness and cross-cultural skills to in one meeting conduct negotiations with a middle-eastern client, place an order with a French-Canadian sub-contractor over the phone, and then resolve a complaint from a Hispanic employee that afternoon?

The Claremont Cross-Cultural Interaction Skills (CCCIS) training takes a new approach to preparing you and your employees for success in diverse cross-cultural interactions by building general competencies and psychological resources such as motivation, optimism, confidence, and resilience when engaging in cross-cultural interactions. Building these generalizable skills results in more flexibility and adaptability when interacting with individuals from a variety of different cultural backgrounds.

The CCCIS has been successfully pilot-tested demonstrating strong results in increasing participants’:

  • Confidence in their own cross-cultural skills
  • Motivation to work with diverse cultures
  • Overall understanding of different cultures
  • Ability to overcome obstacles faced in cross-cultural situations

Our trainers have many years of both cross-cultural and organizational consulting experience and training. They have lived in at least two different countries and conducted hundreds of training sessions throughout their careers. For a limited time, the CCCIS will be provided to a select number of local organizations and their employees free of charge and as part of an applied research study conducted by a Claremont professor.

Here is the list of organizations we have worked with:

Universities: Pitzer College, Claremont McKenna College, University of Cape Town

Non-Profits: LA Care, SBC Global, Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, ChildShare, PVW Online, Salem Christian Homes, Lincoln Training Center, Exceed, Industrial Support Systems, House of Ruth

For more information, or to register, please contact Dr. Becky Reichard at Becky.Reichard@cgu.edu or 909-607-0457.

See the training format, a sample personal profile, and sample cross-cultural scenario.