Leadership and talent development are critical factors in the short and long term success of organizations. This success, however, depends on developing effective leaders at all levels, who are able to create positive and engaging work environments while optimizing employee performance, productivity and creativity.

The Introduction to Managerial Coaching Skills Workshop aims to build the leadership capacity of the entry- to mid-level manager who supervises a minimum of one direct report. Due to the high degree of interaction between these “every day leaders” and employees, there is considerable opportunity for them to directly impact employee performance and, thereby, indirectly impact organizational success.

Exercising managerial coaching skills is one means by which managers can enhance their management practice and realize the gains of improved performance, well-being, and job satisfaction among subordinates.

The Introduction to Managerial Coaching Skills Workshop enables the entry to mid-level manager to develop foundational skill sets in self- and other- awareness, as a means to foster work environments and relationships that encourage trust, growth, and learning. This half-day introductory training is comprised of five lessons, including:

• Introduction to Managerial Coaching;

• Fostering Self-Awareness;

• Fostering Other-Awareness;

• Creating a Positive Developmental Climate;

• Application of Training.

For more information, or to register, please contact Dr. Becky Reichard at becky.reichard@cgu.edu.