Effective leadership can take several forms and the Leadership as… workshop series focuses on the predominant forms of leadership based on decades of theory and research. This series of 90-minute stand-alone and integrated workshops begins with the Leadership as Strengths workshop that utilizes Gallup’s StrengthsFinder 2.0 online pre-assessment found in Rath and Conchie’s Strengths Based Leadership book. As an introduction to the 6PLeadership framework, this workshop lays a foundation for the six focused sessions on Leadership as Passion & PurposeLeadership as PursuitLeadership as PathwaysLeadership as People & Place, Leadership as Problem-solving, and Leadership as Positive Persuasion. These integrate fully with the framework of the developmental feedback reports for each type of leadership assessment. So, upon receiving a feedback report, a leader may decide which Leadership as… workshop s/he wants to attend and, thus, tailor his/her developmental experience. Other available workshops in this series include Leadership as Teams and Leadership as Followership.