A master’s level leadership course offered through Claremont Graduate University is being offered in two modules with in-person sessions three hours a week for 8 weeks per module. In the first module, Positive Leadership, students explore the topic of leadership through a positive psychological lens. Recent advances in theoretical and empirical research related to new-genre leadership theories including authentic leadership, strengths-based leadership, shared leadership, followership, and values-based leadership are discussed. In addition to gaining knowledge of content and research in each of these theoretical and research domains, class members will also apply one of these theories to profile a leader. The objectives of the Positive Leadership module include the following: comprehension and critical appraisal of current theories of positive leadership, knowledge of empirical evidence regarding these theories, and ability to apply concepts of one positive leadership theory to profile a specific leader.

The second module, Leader Development, involves instruction in the design and practice of leadership development. Case studies of effective organizations are examined and a variety of assessment and development activities are completed as part of the course. Students will learn how to develop others while experiencing the development techniques first hand. Class members completing the Leader Development module will gain knowledge of the contemporary theories and constructs being examined in the field of leader development including developmental psychology, social psychology, and management; develop knowledge and critical analysis of the debate on whether leaders are born versus made; understand salient methodological issues related to the empirical study of leader development; and gain first-hand knowledge and experience in the practice of leader development in organizations. These two-month-long courses will be offered January-May.