This online self-regulation course equips managers to self-develop as leaders using their own experience and according to their own pace. Most managers have the foundational self-management skills (e.g., time-management, planning and organizing) to operate in a dynamic and complex environment. However, even high-level executives may not possess the skills necessary to not only operate with existing leadership skills, but to improve their leadership capability. In this training, managers will learn actionable strategies for setting developmental goals that actually work, getting feedback on how current behavior is affecting performance, and evaluating that information to inform future behavior. Leader self-development is ultimately about improving how you lead others by changing your own behavior, but self-directed behavior change is notoriously challenging. These proven strategies have helped people overcome challenges such as quitting smoking and losing weight and are just beginning to be applied to leader development.

Traditional leader development programs are designed, administered, and evaluated by contracted facilitators who expect managers to sit passively and learn about leadership from “the experts”. However, research and common sense both suggest that leaders only truly develop when they own the process and can tailor it to their own needs.

This innovative training consists of one podcast and two one-hour videos that provide ready-to-implement strategies. This take-anywhere format fits into busy managers’ schedules, and offers a more flexible and adaptable leadership development program than a one-size fits all book or class. In order to keep up with the demands of today’s organizations, leaders need to be able to self-develop rather than waiting for someone else to develop them using leadership concepts that may already be obsolete. Self-regulating a personal leadership development plan meets that need, and encourages ongoing leadership development in your organization.

For more information please contact Dr. Becky Reichard at or 909-607-0457.