Over the past 100 years, leadership has been conceptualized in 100s of ways. We combed the academic literature as well as mainstream organizational competency models to identify a framework of leadership that both stood the test of time and was supported by evidence as effective.  As a result, we developed the 6P Leadership framework.

  • Passion & Purpose
  • People & Place
  • Problem Solving
  • Pursuit
  • Pathways
  • Positive Persuasion

Using the 6P Leadership framework, we utilize existing evidence to build assessments and support structures for leader development. We implement cutting-edge program evaluation internally as well as offer leader development evaluation as a service. We utilize data collected through our programs for research publications and presentations. We offer three forms of leadership assessment—self-assessment, 360 Assessment, and an assessment center—with the goal of increasing leaders’ awareness of their leadership strengths, styles, and behaviors. Each assessment is accompanied by a detailed feedback report structured around 6P Leadership that the leader can use as a foundation for establishing a leader self-development plan.

Finally, we provide ongoing development support to help leaders reach their goals through a series of Leadership as…Workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. The suite of services we offer are not only integrated around 6PLeadership but also fit into our process model of leader self-development, which is the ultimate responsibility of the leader doing the developing. However, LeAD can help accelerate development by increasing self-awareness, helping the leader establish a leader self-development plan, and supporting the leader’s development.

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