LeAD Labs’ Services

Most LeAD Labs services can be purchased through the “Contact Us” page. LeAD 360 services can be purchased directly through the LeAD 360 page.


Leader Assessment Description Estimated Cost
Self-report assessment designed to gauge the participant’s attitudes and perceptions toward their development as a leader. Results inform candidacy for formal leader development.Includes electronic feedback report and in-person or virtual 30-minute debriefing with a LeAD certified coach. Participating leaders must complete the survey within the specifiedtime frame.
$55 per leader
Former/current supervisor, peers, followers, and the individual leader complete an online assessment of the leader based on the 6PLeadership framework. It is each leader’s responsibility to ensure other-ratings are completed. A feedback report (anonymous raters) on how others perceive their leadership behaviors along with suggestions for leader development will be provided to the leader along with a 30-minute debriefing with a LeAD Certified Coach.
$105 per leader



Claremont Leadership Assessment Center
Four hours of in-person simulated leadership challenges including email in-basket,leaderless group discussion, and one-on-one meeting with a troubled follower. Leader behaviors during simulations will be recorded and later rated by trained assessors. Based on the 6PLeadership framework, a feedback report on behaviors displayed in the assessment center along with suggestions for improvement will be provided to the leader along with a 30-minute debriefing session with a LeAD certified coach.
$650 per leader for 10-20 leaders per session

$600 per leader for 20-40 leaders per session 


Simulation and debriefing (no assessing) Following a large group introduction, groups of 4-5 leaders will engage in a leaderless group discussion. Groups will then review the video recording of the simulation guided by a trained coach, who will facilitate feedback around specific leadership behaviors. The half-day session concludes with a large group discussion. $150 per leader
Online leader self-development training series + LDP This series of online training sessions will help leaders master themselves; they will learn to identify and regulate both positive and negative thoughts and behaviors. Upon completing the training, participants will complete a guided leader development plan. $45 per leader
One-on-one leadership coaching Sometimes, leaders need 1-on-1 support. In this coaching option, a trained leadership coach, who has expertise in leadership development coaching and LeAD assessments, will guide the leader towards improvement and fulfillment. Coaching sessions will provide tailored support toward leader development planning and implementation. $70 for 1 60-minute coaching session

$160 for 3 60-minute coaching sessions

Workshops on effective leadership and leader self-development Learn what it really takes to become an amazing leader in a workshop series focusing on effective leadership and leader development. The workshop series begins with an introductory workshop on 6PLeadership and leader development. Then, each subsequent workshop focuses on one aspect of the 6PLeadership framework including Positive Persuasion, People & Place, Problem-Solving, Pathways, Passion & Purpose, and Pursuit. All or a select number of workshops are provided based on client needs. $2,500 for each large group for 3-hour session (up to 25)

$1,750 for each large group for 90-minute session (up to 25)

Introductory Workshop on Strengths-Based Leadership Development Having completed the Leadership version of Gallup’s StrengthsFinder ($15 per leader), we will work with a group of leaders to identify their strengths and learn other group members’ strengths. This will aid in providing a common language of strengths and knowledge of how to best form leadership teams among the group. Suggestions will be developed for how to integrate strengths into daily work. $2,500 for each large group for 3-hour session (up to 25)

$1,750 for each large group for 90-minute session (up to 25)