Cultural Studies PhD Alumni Highlight

Alumni Highlight_Adrienne Benally
Image courtesy of Adrienne Benally

Adrienne Benally

PhD 2019
Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Southern Maine
Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies
Swarthmore College

Adrienne Benally is Navajo and a tribal member of the Navajo Nation. She recently finished a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Southern Maine. In fall 2021, she begins a position as assistant professor in environmental studies at Swarthmore College. Adrienne received her PhD in Cultural Studies from CGU in 2019. Her research and teaching focus on Indigenous Peoples and environmental issues from a complex intersection of political history, discourse, economics, and culture. Drawing on her cultural background and identity, she is committed to social, economic, and environmental justice.


Selected Cultural Studies PhD Alumni

Julianna Kirschner
PhD 2020
University of Southern California

Hillary Kirkham
MA, PhD 2020
Adjunct Professor
Brigham Young University

Danae Hart
PhD 2020
MINT Program Coordinator
Volunteers of America Texas

Diana Labisch
PhD 2019
Western Regional Director
EurAupair: Intercultural Child Care Programs

Adrienne Benally
PhD 2019
Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Southern Maine

Shayda Kafai
PhD 2014
Assistant Professor
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Michael Petitti
PhD 2014
Assistant Professor (Teaching)
University of Southern California

Kevin Kane
PhD 2012
Director, Visual and Performing Arts Education Program
University of California, Los Angeles

Andrew Harrington
PhD 2012
Adjunct Instructor
Irvine Valley College

Theresa Larkin
MA, PhD 2011
Special Assistant to the Dean
San Diego State University

Dr. Ruth Shamir Popkin
PhD 2010
Attorney at Law
Law Offices of Popkin, Shamir & Golan

Patricia Grizzle Hulling
PhD 2004
Formerly at California State University Northridge