About the Project

The goal of the project is to evaluate key neural pathways involved in control and more automatic processes (dual processes) related to decisions about food consumption, with the goal of developing novel social intervention strategies that target an imbalance of these processes to reduce risk for obesity among adolescents.


Susan Ames
Susan L. Ames, PhD
Principal Investigator
Email address: susan.ames@cgu.edu

Antoine Bechara
Antoine Bechara, PhD
Principal Investigator

Alan Stacy
Alan Stacy, PhD
Email address: alan.stacy@cgu.edu

Kim Reynolds
Kim Reynolds, PhD
Email address: kim.reynolds@cgu.edu

Andy Johnson
C. Anderson Johnson, PhD
Email Address: andy.johnson@cgu.edu

Jerry Grenard
Jerry Grenard, PhD

Ongoing Activities

Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Decisions and Impulse Control in Nutrition Behavior: Currently refining imaging paradigms and protocol for Study 1.


This project was recently awarded. We will upload findings as they become available.


Funding for Neurocognitive Mechanisms of Decisions and Impulse Control in Nutrition Behavior is provided by Award R01 CA152062-01A (Bechara/Ames, PIs) from the National Cancer Institute. The content displayed is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Cancer Institute.