19th Lecture


18th Lecture


Leading in an Era of Change: A Complex Landscape
Eileen Wilson Oyelaran
President, Kalamazoo College
Claremont Graduate University ’77

The exponential rate of change makes leadership in higher education both challenging and exciting. What does this mean for our students and our interconnected world? 03.26.14

17th Lecture

Kristine E. Dillon, President, Consortium on Financing Higher Education, presented her lecture College: Do We Really Want it for Less?  04.02.13

16th Lecture

Darline Robles, Professor of Clinical Education, University of Southern California, delivered her lecture Educational Attainment for Latinos: CA/Federal Policy Recommendations. 03.29.12

15th Lecture

Amber Carrow, 2010 California Teacher of the Year, presented her lecture, Live from the Trenches:  Making the Profession of Teaching Personal. In this lecture Ms. Carrow shared student letters that described the impact of her efforts on their learning experience. She also advocated strong support for public education and its future. 03.10.11

14th Lecture

Dr. Lisa Wolf-Wendel, Professor, University of Kansas, presented her lecture, Exploring the Link Between Teaching and Research on College Students. Dr. Wolf-Wendel 1.) explained how theories of cognitive development can inform faculty on learners and how they learn, 2.) reviewed the role of identity development in improving relationships with students, and 3.) examined the research on theories of involvement and engagement to help professors think about larger institutional and programmatic concerns that relate to teaching. 03.04.10

13th Lecture

Carlos Garcia, Superintendent of San Francisco Unified School District, presented his lecture, Civil Rights and the Achievement Gap: Strategic Planning for Social Justice. Mr. Garcia spoke about San Francisco Unified School District’s strategic plan that dares to diminish the predictive power of demographics and to make social justice a reality by igniting a civil rights movement in every school across the city. 04.29.09