Mark Snyder

September 28, 2007
Dr. Mark Snyder, University of Minnesota
“Products of Their Personalities or Creatures of Their Situations? Explorations of Personality and Social Behavior”

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October 30, 2007
Alumni Panel: Dr. Erina Lee, Dr. Bettina Casad, and Lauren Garcia

David Sherman

November 13, 2007
Dr. David Sherman, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Threats and Affirmations: The Interplay of Self and Social Identity”

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February 12, 2008
Dr. Mark Costanzo, Claremont McKenna College
“The Psychology of Police Interrogations and False Confessions”

Debra Mashek

February 26, 2008
Dr. Debra Mashek, Harvey Mudd College

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March 11, 2008
Student Presentations (Amber Gaffney and Benjamin Marcus)
“Environmentalism and Psychology”

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March 25, 2008
Student Presentations (Janice Adelman, Robert Blagg, and Jessica Clevering)
“Religion and Psychology”

Robin Martin

April 8, 2008
Dr. Robin Martin, Aston University, UK
“Persuasion through Numbers: The Effects of Majority and Minority Numerical Support on Attitude Change”

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April 29, 2008
Thesis Fair