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September 8, 2009
Student Presentations (Lori Garner, Fiona Grant, Monique Matelski, and Kim Perkins)
“A Hard Day’s Night (or Year): Dealing With Stress and Navigating Your Graduate Experience””

Jennifer Groscup

October 6, 2009
Dr. Jennifer Groscup, Scripps College
“To Speak or Not to Speak? Understanding the Role of Defendant Statements as a Response to Victim Impact Statements in Court”

Roy Baumeister

October 20, 2009
Dr. Roy Baumeister, Florida State University
“Is Conscious Thought Good for Anything?”

Dianne Tice

November 3, 2009
Dr. Dianne Tice, Florida State University
“Making Choices Impairs Self-Regulation: A Limited Resource Approach”

Wendy Wood

December 1, 2009
Dr. Wendy Wood, University of Southern California
“Habits as Self-Regulation”

Jessica Borelli

February 16, 2010
Dr. Jessica Borelli, Pomona College
“Attachment and Emotion Regulation in School-Aged Children”

Luis Rivera

March 23, 2010
Dr. Luis Rivera, California State University, San Bernardino
“Group Affirmation and Derogation of Non-Prototypical Ingroup Members”

Jason Siegel

March 30, 2010
Student Presentations (Dr. Jason Siegel’s Tolman Research Group)
“For Your RE-Consideration: Tolman’s Theory of Purposive Behavior”

David Funder

April 6, 2010
Dr. David Funder, University of California, Riverside
“Error and Accuracy in Personality Judgment”

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April 21, 2010
Student Presentations (David Rast and Viviane Seyranian)
“Leadership and Psychology”

James Blascovich

April 27, 2010
Dr. James Blascovich, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Social Influence in Virtual Environments”

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May 4, 2010
Thesis Fair