The Bowen Institute for Policy Studies in Higher Education exists to facilitate academic activity in the area of public studies, understood broadly to span both public policy and system/institutional policy in higher education. The Institute supports conference attendance and research opportunities for students in higher education. It sponsors the annual Howard R. Bowen Lecture and the Sally Loyd Casanova Lecture presented by an outstanding higher education alumnus.

Administrative internships in higher education may be arranged through the Institute to provide opportunities for full-time students and for those on leave from regular positions to gain additional administrative experience in different college settings.
The Institute also supports Higher Education Abstracts, published quarterly by Claremont Graduate University. This is a compilation of abstracts from journals, conference proceedings, and research reports that focuses on college students, faculty, and student services. The Higher Education Abstracts Office serves as a permanent repository for the originals of articles and reports abstracted in the publication and, accordingly, is a resource for students and faculty, as well as a respected resource nationally and internationally.

Linda Perkins, Professor, Co-Director
Daryl G. Smith, Professor, Co-Director
Scott Thomas, Professor, Co-Director