The Tuesday Talk Series is scheduled throughout each semester with speakers invited to discuss cutting-edge topics. Occasionally talks are given on subjects relevant to students such as career management and research. CGU and Claremont Colleges Consortium faculty, students, staff, and alum are encouraged to attend.

Unless otherwise announced, all seminars are scheduled from 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm. The format for the talks this semester is hybrid, with the option to attend in person at Albrecht Auditorium or online using this Zoom link (Meeting ID: 864 7922 9262). For those attending in person, please bring your lunch and we’ll provide dessert!

Fall Semester 2022

Stephen Marks, Pomona College
“Effects of Police Force Size and California Criminal Justice Reforms on Crime Rates”
Host: Economic Sciences

Eric Schwitzgebel
“Does Studying Ethics Make People More Ethical?”
Host: Economic Sciences

Syeda ShahBano Ijaz, University of California at San Diego
“Demanding the Last Mile: Foreign Aid and Political Participation in Pakistan”
Host: International Studies

Heather Campbell, Claremont Graduate University
“Going Beyond Census-Measured Racial and Ethnic Minorities: Minority Faith and Environmental Justice”
Host: Politics & Government

Simon Tang, California State University
“Revisit Power Transition Theory and Relative War Cycle Theory, and their respective or combined application on the Sino-America relations”
Host: International Studies

Ana Ortiz Salazar & Rena Salayeva, Claremont Graduate University
“Democracy, Economic Development, and Health Inequalities: Regime Type and Premature Mortality by Sex”
Host: International Studies

Kirby Nielsen, California Institute of Technology
“Revealed Incomplete Preferences”
Host: Economic Sciences

Hannah Alarian, University of Florida
“The “Right” Migrants: Explaining Immigrant  Support for Far-Right Nativist Parties”
Host: Politics & Government

Cynthia Osborne, Vanderbilt University
“Effective State-Level Policies to Strengthen The Prenatal-To-3 Period​”
Host: Politics & Government

Rainita Narender, Claremont Graduate University
“Evaluating Post-Incarceration Rehabilitation Services in California”
Host: Economic Sciences

Veronica Zebadúa-Yáñez, University of Maryland
“‘I’m the one that’ll make you pay’: Towards a Theorization of Feminist Violence”
Host: Politics & Government

Joshua Tasoff, Claremont Graduate University
“Beliefs that Entertain”
Host: Economic Sciences

Spring Semester 2022

Tony LoSasso, DePaul University
Incumbent Regulation and Adverse Selection: You Can Keep Your Health Plan, But at What Cost?”
Host: Economic Sciences

Svetlana Pevnitskaya, Florida State University
Information Aggregation in Social Networks”
Host: Economic Sciences

Maxim Massenkoff, Naval Postgraduate School
“Beyond Crime Rates: How Did Public Safety in U.S. Cities Change in 2020?”
Host: Economic Sciences

Ayobami Laniyonu, University of Toronto
Racial Misclassification in Police Records and Its Effects on Estimates of Racial Disparities”
Host: Politics & Government

Allison Hartnett, University of Southern California
“Rural Intra-Elite Conflict, Colonization, and Demands for Power-Sharing: Evidence from Khedival Egypt”
Host: International Studies

Yesola Kweon, Utah State University
“Age and Trade Policy Preferences in an Aging Society: Evidence from Japan”
Host: International Studies

Sara Sadhwani, Pomona College
“Asian American Political Representation: Candidates, Voters, and the Future of AAPI Representation”
Host: Politics & Government

Sarah Dreier, University of New Mexico
“Veneer of Liberal Law: How Britain Justified Internment without Trial in Northern Ireland”
Host: International Studies

Mark Blitz, Claremont McKenna College
“Reason and Politics”
Host: Politics & Government

John Garcia, University of Michigan
“Yes, I Marked ‘Some Other Race’. So, What Does that Mean about Race and Latinos?”
Host: Politics & Government

Magnus Lofstrom, Public Policy Institute of California
“Does Racial Disparity in Policy Stops Vary Throughout the Day?”
Host: Economic Sciences

Tyler Reny, Claremont Graduate University
“How Vulnerability Shapes Climate Policy Attitudes: The Case of Rising Sea Levels”
Host: Politics & Government

Fall Semester 2021

Tyler Reny, Claremont Graduate University
“Race, Prejudice, and Support for Racial Justice Countermovements: The Case of ‘Blue Lives Matter'”
Host: Politics & Government

Joe Benitez, University of Kentucky
“The Effect of Medicaid Eligibility and Payment Generosity on Recession-Linked Declines in Access to Health Care”
Host: Economic Sciences

Andrew McCall, University of Chicago
“Police Expertise, Political Control, and Racial Bias in Discretionary Arrests”
Host: Politics & Government

Carlos Algara, Claremont Graduate University
“Dynamics of Partisan Competition for Legislative Majorities in the U.S. House & Senate, 1959-2018”
Host: Politics & Government

Kate Bundorf, Duke University
“How do Humans Interact with Algorithms? Experimental Evidence from Health Insurance”
Host: Economic Sciences

Jean Schroedel, Claremont Graduate University
“Structural Racism, the USPS and Voting by Mial On-and Off-Reservation in Arizona”
Host: Politics & Government

11/16/21  – Cancelled (rescheduled for 2/22/22)
Ayobami Laniyonu, University of Toronto
“Racial Misclassification in Police Records and Its Effect on Estimates of Racial Disparities”
Host: Politics & Government

Soha Hammam, Claremont Graduate University
“A Multi-Method Analysis of Civil Resistance Dynamics and Outcomes”
Host: International Studies

Amanda Ross, University of Alabama
“A Second Stand at the Schoolhouse Doors: Are Public Schools Resegregating?”
Host: Economic Sciences

Rudy Alamillo, Western Washington University
“The Not So Beautiful Game: FIFA Sanctions and Homophobic Backlash in Mexico”
Host: Politics & Government


Spring Semester 2021

Melissa Rogers and Yuzhu Zeng, Claremont Graduate University
Federalism and Inequality in a Pandemic: Evidence from Location Tracking in Mexico”
Host: International Studies

Cristina Garcia, CA Assemblymember, 58th Assembly District
“Pursuing Environmental Justice”
Host: Politics & Government

James Ziliak, University of Kentucky
“Recent Trends in the Material Well Being of the Working Class in America”
Host: Economic Sciences

2/23/21 – CANCELLED
Jevay Grooms, Howard University
“Racial and Ethnic Disparities: Essential Workers, Mental Health, and the Coronavirus Pandemic”
Host: Economic Sciences


Heather Campbell, Sekwen Kim, Shawnika Johnson, and Claudia Cáceres, Claremont Graduate University
“Illuminating Geographic Racism: The COVID-19 Shutdown and Environmental Justice”
Host: Politics & Government

Benjamin Newman, University of California, Riverside
“The Color of Disparity: Racialized Income Inequality and Support for Liberal Economic Policies”
Host: International Studies

Christopher (Kitt) Carpenter, Vanderbilt University
“Effects of Indoor Tanning Regulations”
Host: Economic Sciences

Jessica Saunders, Council of State Governments, Justice Center
“Implicit Bias in Discretionary Decisions”
Host: Economic Sciences

Trevon Logan, Ohio State University
“Competition and Discrimination in Public Accommodations: Evidence from the Green Books”
Host: Economic Sciences

Sara Heller, University of Michigan
“Predicting and Preventing Gun Violence”
(Please note this talk was not recorded at the request of the speaker)
Host: Economic Sciences

4/27/21 – CANCELLED (To be rescheduled)
Mark Abdollahian and Zining Yang, Claremont Graduate University
“The Convergence of Technology, Markets and Politics”
Host: International Studies

Steven Raphael, University of California, Berkeley
“Can Restorative Justice Conferencing Reduce Recidivism?
Host: Economic Sciences


Fall Semester 2020

Dong Wook Lee, Adelphi College
“The Modifiable Areal Unit Problem in Political Science”
Host: International Studies

Yi Feng, Claremont Graduate University
“Will Money Contribute to a Good Image?  An Empirical Study of China-European Economic Relations and China’s National Image in Europe”
Host: International Studies

Thomas Rice, University of California, Los Angeles
“Health Insurance in Other Wealthy Countries:  What Can the U.S. Learn?”
Host: Politics & Government

Jehan Sparks, University of California, Los Angeles
“Gian/Loss Asymmetries in Sequential Framing Effects”
Host: Economic Sciences

Jennifer Merolla, University of California, Riverside
“Emotions and Engagement in the Year of the Woman”
Host: Politics & Government

Michael Melvin, University of California, San Diego
“The Coming Crisis of Lower-than-expected Retirement Incomes”
Host: Economic Sciences

11/3/20 – POSTPONED (Moved to Spring 2021)
James Ziliak, University of Kentucky
“COVID-19 and The US Safety Net”
Host: Economic Sciences

Richie Li, Baylor University
“The Hidden Story in White Identity Politics: a More Comprehensive Understanding of How Does White Racial Consciousness Shape Anti-Muslim Opinion”
Host: Politics & Government

Marcia Godwin, University of La Verne
“Southern California’s Flipped Congressional Districts”
Host: Politics & Government

Tanu Kumar, College of William & Mary
“Home Price Subsidies Increase Local Participation in Urban India”
Host: International Studies


Laura Peck, Abt Associates
“Experimental Evaluation Design for Program Improvement”
Host: Politics & Government


Spring Semester 2020

Shawn Rohlin, Kent State University
“Weathering an Unexpected Financial Shock: The Role of Cash Grants on Household Finance and Business Survival following a Natural Disaster”
Host: Economic Sciences

Erin Duffy, University of Southern California
“Surprise Medical Bills: When The Hospital Is In Your Insurance Network, But — Surprise! — The Doctor Is Not”
Host: Politics & Government

Guillermo Ramos Douglass-Jaimes, Pomona College
“Blurring Boundaries of the “Slum Divide” Through Precision Mapping in Rio de Janeiro”
Host: Politics & Government

Char Miller, Pomona College
“Streetscape Environmentalism: Flood Control, Social Justice, and Political Power in San Antonio”
Host: Politics & Government

Christopher Krewson, Claremont Graduate University
“Supreme Court Legitimacy and the Gender Gap”
Host: Politics & Government

Cynthia Osborne, The University of Texas at Austin
“Effective State-level Policies to Strengthen the Prenatal-to-3 Period”
Host: Politics & Government

Mireille Jacobson, University of Southern California
“How Do Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Reduce Opioid Prescribing?”
Host: Economic Sciences

Following the decision of the university to move all classes online, the Division of Politics and Economics has also decided to suspend all in-person gatherings for research talks and events for the rest of the semester. Unfortunately, the remaining Spring 2020 DPE Tuesday Talks must be cancelled.

3/24/20 – CANCELLED
Jennifer Merolla, University of California, Riverside
Title: “Emotional Engagement in the Year of the Woman”
Host: Politics & Government

3/31/20 – CANCELLED
Marcia Godwin, University of La Verne
“Southern California’s Flipped Congressional Districts”
Host: Politics & Government

4/7/20 – CANCELLED
Thomas Rice, University of California, Los Angeles
“Health Insurance in Other Wealthy Countries:  What Can the U.S. Learn?”
Host: Politics & Government

4/14/20 – CANCELLED
Michael Melvin, University of California, San Diego
“Global Currency Markets: Facts and Fallacies”
Host: Economic Sciences

4/21/20 – CANCELLED
Paasha Mahdavi, University of California, Santa Barbara
“Direct Cash Transfers and Political Participation”
Host: International Studies

4/28/20 – CANCELLED
Laura Peck, Abt Associates
“Experimental Evaluation Design for Program Improvement”
Host: Politics & Government

5/5/20 – CANCELLED
Gregory Daneke, Arizona State University
“Automacene Rising: The Problematic Political Economy of Artificial Intelligence”
Host: Politics & Government


Fall Semester 2019

Heather Royer, University of California, Santa Barbara
“How are Preferences for Commitment Revealed?”
Host: Economic Sciences

Gregoire Phillips, University of California, San Diego
“Velvet Gloves on Iron Fists: Media, Influence, and Power in Modern Extremism”
Host: International Studies

Douglas Lemke, Pennsylvania State University
“The Survival of ‘States’”
Host: International Studies

Peiran Jiao, Maastricht University
“Investor Memory”
Host: Economic Sciences

Mehdi Nemati, University of California, Riverside
“Heterogeneous Effects of High-Frequency Consumption Analytics on Residential Water Consumption”
Host: Politics & Government

Joshua Tasoff, Claremont Graduate University
“Eating to Save The Planet: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial Using Individual-Level Food Purchase Data”
Host: Economic Sciences

Ines Levin, University of California, Irvine
“Machine Unlearning: Adjusting Automatically for Human Biases in Decision Making”
Host: International Studies

Erica Dobbs, Pomona College
“Cinderella States: Rethinking immigration typologies in Western Europe (and beyond)”
Host: Politics & Government

Robert Klitgaard, Claremont Graduate University
“Culture and Development”
Host: Politics & Government

Rachel VanSickle-Ward, Pitzer College
“The Politics of the Pill: Gender, Framing, and Policymaking in the Battle over Birth Control”
Host: Politics & Government

Rustam Romaniuc, Claremont Graduate University
“Whistleblowing Norms: Experimental Evidence from Moldova and France”
Host: Economic Sciences

Malte Dold, Pomona College
“F.A. Hayek on the Political Economy of Endogenous Preferences”
Host: Economic Sciences

Zoe Nemerever, University of California, San Diego
“The Rural Representation Gap”
Host: International Studies

Spring Semester 2019

Nico Ravanilla, University of California, San Diego
Limiting Adverse Political Selection: Experimental Evidence from the Philippines
Host: International Studies

Richard Kronick, University of California, San Diego
Is ‘Medicare for All’ the Democrats’ “Repeal and Replace’?
Host: Economic Sciences

Gregory De Angelo, Claremont Graduate University
Policing For Profit: The Political Economy of Law Enforcement
Host: Economic Sciences

Jeanine Kraybill, California State University, Bakersfield
The Women of SCOTUS: A Preliminary Analysis of the Different Voice Debate
Host: International Studies

Lise Vesterlund, University of Pittsburgh
Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Gender Differences in Task Allocations
Host: Economic Sciences

Bhavna Shamasunder, Occidental College
Crude Justice: Neighborhood Oil Development and Community Based Research in Los Angeles
Host: Politics & Government

Michael McLendon, California State University, Los Angeles
“The Psychology of Inequality: Rousseau’s ‘Amour-Propre'”
Host: Politics & Government

Spring Break

David Andrews, Scripps College
Brexit and the British Constitutional Crisis
Host: Economic Sciences

Philip Armour, RAND Corporation
Stuck without a Job: How Housing Policies, Labor Markets, and Declining Mobility Contribute to Long-Term Disability
Host: Economic Sciences

Arturo Vargas Bustamante, University of California, Los Angeles
US-Mexico Cross-Border Health Visitors: How Mexican border cities in the state of Baja California address unmet healthcare needs from US residents
Host: Economic Sciences

Evan Crawford, University of San Diego
The partisan competition over partisan competition: electoral contestation at the local level
Host: Politics & Government

Chris Whaley, RAND Corporation and University of California, Berkeley
The Effect of Financial Reward Programs on Prices and Utilization of Low-Priced Providers
Host: Economic Sciences

Ruoxi Li, U.S. California State University, San Marcos
Is there a trade-off between campaigning and legislating in Congress?
Host: Politics & Government

Fall Semester 2018

Michael Baranick, American University of Central Asia
Causes and Process of Radicalization
Host: International Studies

Aaron Berg and Javier Rodríguez, Claremont Graduate University
Trust and Turnout in Indian Country
Host: Politics & Government

Claire O’Hanlon, RAND Corporation
“U.S. Health Care Industry Consolidation: National Landscape and Results from A Case Study OF Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania”
Host: Economic Sciences

Melissa Rogers and Jean Schroedel, Claremont Graduate University
Assessing the Efficacy of Early, On-site Voting Access on Indian Reservations: Evidence from a Natural Experiment in Nevada
Host: Politics & Government

Christopher Krewson, Claremont Graduate University
“Public Support for Judicial Philosophies”
Host: Politics & Government

Heather Campbell, Claremont Graduate University
Environmental Justice and Water Policy during a Drought: Community Stressors, Minority Residents, and Cutback Assignments
Host: Politics & Government

Arie Kapteyn, University of Southern California
U.S. Life Satisfaction Within and Across Countries: The Role of Societal Capital and Relative Income
Host: Economic Sciences

Stan Oklobdzija, University of California, San Diego
Citizens United, Dark Money Networks and the Evolution of Political Parties
Host: Politics & Government

Giorgi Areshidze, Claremont McKenna College
How the West Thinks about Radical Islam
Host: Politics & Government

Robert Bunker and Marisa Mendoza, University of Southern California
“MARA SALVATRUCHA (MS-13) A Law Enforcement Primer”
Host: Politics & Government

Yi Feng, Zhijun Gao and Wanjun Jiang, Claremont Graduate University
Logic of Foreign Direct Investment, Convergence or Divergence? A Comparative Study of US and China’s Outgoing FDI to Africa
Host: International Studies

David Neumark, University of California, Irvine
The Long-Run Effects of the Earned Income Tax Credit on Women’s Earnings
Host: Economic Sciences

Jacek Kugler, Claremont Graduate University
Impact of Political Capacity on Demographic Change and Economic Recovery
Host: International Studies

Leif Rosenberger, U.S. Army War College
Try Shared Prosperity to Reduce the Demand for Violence
Host: International Studies

Spring Semester 2018

Jacek Kugler, Claremont Graduate University
Long term Power Transtion Perspective.
Host: International Studies

Tamorah Hunt, Claremont Graduate University Board Member
“Issues in Forensic Economics.”
Host: Development Office

Brian Hilton, Claremont Graduate University
Locational Big Data and Analytics: Case Studies and Demonstrations.
Host: Politics & Government

Steven Childs, California State University, San Bernardino
“Unmanned Drones, Small Nuclear Powers, and Nuclear Deterrence.”
Host: International Studies

Linda Perkins, Claremont Graduate University
The United Nations Substantiable Development Goals and their impact on Global Gender Equity.
Host: International Studies

Paul Peretz, Claremont Graduate University
A Dynamic Equilibrium Model of Political Parties.
Host: Economic Sciences

Georgia Kernell, University of California, Los Angeles
Inside Parties.
Host: International Studies

Birol A. Yeşilada, Portland State University
How Social Values Could Explain Regional Integration in Europe.
Host: International Studies

Mark Abdollahian, Claremont Graduate University
Big Data Trajectories.
Host: International Studies

Tony LoSasso, University of Illinois at Chicago
Reclassification Risk in the Small Group Health Insurance Market.
Host: Economic Sciences

Sallama Shaker, Claremont Graduate University
Chess Game in the Middle East.
Host: International Studies

James M. Murphy, Jr. & Robert E. Hindle
Multilateralism and Economic Development.
Host: Development Office & Economic Sciences

Kerstin Fisk, Loyola Merimount University
“Refugee Encampment and Communal Conflict in sub-Saharan Africa.”
Host: International Studies

Fall Semester 2017

Lucrecia Santibañez, Claremont Graduate University
“Effects of a Private Comprehensive Schooling Model on Low-income Children: Experimental Evidence from Mexico”
Host: Economic Sciences

George Thomas, Claremont McKenna College
“The Return of Constitutional Political Economy”
Host: Politics & Government

Tom Rice, University of California, Los Angeles
“Improving Consumer Decision-Making in Health Insurance: Background and Experimental Evidence”
Location: Burkle 16; 11:45am – 1:00pm
Host: Economic Sciences

Gulrez Azhar, Pardee RAND Graduate School
“Heat Wave Vulnerability Mapping for India”
Host: Politics & Government

Jacob Meyer, California State University, Long Beach
“Which Crisis and Why?”
Host: International Studies

William Ascher, Claremont McKenna College
“Rights Versus Benefit-Cost Analysis”
Host: Politics & Government

Kyungkook Kang, University of Central Florida
Conditional Deterrence
Host: International Studies

Javier Rodriguez, Claremont Graduate University
Party Composition of State Legislatures and Racial Disparities in Health
Host: Politics & Government

Justin Gallagher, Case Western Reserve University
“​Criminal Deterrence when there are Offsetting Risks: Traffic Cameras, Vehicular Accidents, and Public Safety​
Host: Economic Sciences

Carolyn James, Pepperdine University
Sovereignty and Policy: US-Canadian Relations in the Arctic
Host: International Studies

Jane Zhang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
“Curriculum and Ideology”
Host: Economic Sciences

Pierre Englebert, Pomona College; Alma Bezares-Calderon, PhD candidates at CGU; Lisa Piergallini, PhD candidates at CGU
Decentralization Reforms and Ethnic Collective Action in Former Katanga, DR Congo
Host: International Studies

Emily Acevedo, California State University, Los Angeles
Mexico’s Growing Public Security Threats: Treating the Problem, Not the Symptoms
Host: International Studies

Spring Semester 2017

Gasspare Genna, The University of Texas at El Paso
“Development of European Integration”

Michael Bordo, Rutgers University
“Quantitative Easing in the Great Depression and Now”

Emily Pears, Claremont McKenna College
“Chords of Sympathy: The Development of National Political Attachments in the 19th Century”
Taking the Constitution Seriously: Lessons from the Founding Speaker Series

David Lee, MIT
“Your Trash in the Wild: GPS Tracking and the Future of Waste Management”

No talk scheduled

Jerry White, Global Impact Strategies Inc.
“Religion, Violence and Strategy: How to Stop Killing in the Name of God?”

Patrick James, University of Southern California
“Decision-Making in U.S. Foreign Policy Crises: Presidential Leadership and Outcomes”

Spring Break, no talk scheduled

Paul Carrese, Professor and Director USAFA Scholar program, U.S. Air Force Academy
“Why Our Politics Is So Broken: The Eclipse of Constitutional Moderation”
Taking the Constitution Seriously: Lessons from the Founding Speaker Series

Kip Viscusi, Vanderbilt University
“Pricing Lives for Government and Corporate Decisions”

Michael Uhlmann, Claremont Graduate University
“Some Madisonian Reflections on the 2016 Election”
Taking the Constitution Seriously: Lessons from the Founding Speaker Series

Roger Chin, Claremont Graduate University

Mary Evans, Mitchell Associate Professor of Environmental Economics, Claremont McKenna College
“The Clean Air Act Watch List: An Enforcement and Compliance Natural Experiment”

Imke Harbers, University of Amsterdam

Fall Semester 2016

Dr. Andrew Marx and Dr. Melissa Rogers. CISAT and Claremont Graduate University
Using Satellites to Assess Panamanian GDP Data

Dr. Hilton Root. George Mason University
Network Dynamics of Dynastic Succession

Dr. George Thomas. Claremont McKenna College
The Founders and the Idea of a National University: Constituting the American Mind
Taking the Constitution Seriously: Lessons from the Founding Speaker Series

Dr. Melissa Rogers. Claremont Graduate University
What does Comparative Politics Tell Us about the Structure of the US and the Current Presidential Elections?
Taking the Constitution Seriously: Lessons from the Founding Speaker Series

Dr. Charles Kesler. Claremont McKenna College
What do the Federalist Papers Have to Teach 21st Century Americans?
Taking the Constitution Seriously: Lessons from the Founding Speaker Series

Dr. Anya Samek. University of Southern California
Towards an Understanding of What Works in Preschool Education

Dr. Jean Yarbrough. University of Southern California
“Did Alexander Hamilton Get it Wrong on Executive Power?”
Taking the Constitution Seriously: Lessons from the Founding Speaker Series

Dr. Jacek Kugler. Claremont Graduate University
Effect of Structural Changes on Future Global Stability

Dr. Richard Worthington. Pomona College
Global Citizen Policy Consultation

Dr. Mellisa Rogers. Claremont Graduate University
Intra-elite Competition and Long-run Fiscal Development

Dr. Paul Zak. Claremont Graduate University
“Trust Factor: The Science of Creating High Performance Companies”

Spring Semester 2016

Dr. John S. Ahlquist, University of California, San Diego
Elections, Exchange Rates & Household Exposure to Foreign Currency Debt: evidence from the 2015 Swiss Franc revaluation and Polish Elections

Dr. Patrick Neal, Claremont Graduate University
“Oscillations and Coupling in Congestion Games and Macroeconomic Data”

Dr. Gabriele Camera, Chapman University
“Money and the Scale of Cooperation”

Dr. Yushim Kim, Arizona State University
Two Effective Causal Paths that Explain the Adoption of U.S. State Environmental Justice Policy

Dr. Itai Sher, University of California, San Diego
Ethical Considerations on Quadratic Voting

Dr. Jeffrey Kendell Naecker, Wesleyan University
When Fair Isn’t Fair: Sophisticated Time Inconsistency in Social Preferences

Dr. Jennifer Pate, Loyola Marymount University
Exploring the Volunteer’s Dilemma in Experiment

Dr. Rami Zwick, University of California, Riverside
“Pay what you want” as threshold public good provision”

Dr. Tanja Srebotnjak, Harvey Mudd College
“When the oil patch looks more like a carpet: A spatial analysis of the demographic characteristics of U.S. communities living in close proximity to oil and gas development”

Dr. Hyung Rok Yim, Hanyang University, South Korea
“Global Economy Matrix – the Past, the Current, and the Future”

Dr. Dale Berger, Claremont Graduate University
“Crisis of Replicability – Critique of Social Science Research Methodology”

Dr. Tobias F. Roetheli, University of Erfurt, Germany
“Pattern-Based Inflation Expectations: A Modern Perspective on the Role of Extrapolation”

Fall Semester 2015

Zining Yang, Claremont Graduate University
“The Freedom of Constraint: An Agent-Based Game Theoretic Model of the Politics of Fertility and Economic Development Dynamics”

Soomi Lee, University of La Verne
Fiscal Effects of the Constitutional Supermajority Requirement for Raising Taxes: Evidence from the U.S. States

Tom Kniesner, Claremont Graduate University
“Some Core Aspects of Behavioral Labor Economics: Theory and Evidence”

Tahir Andrabl, Pomona College
Coming Up Short? Recovery deficits in children after the Pakistan earthquake of 2005

Garret Ridinger, University of California, Irvine
“Intentions versus outcomes: cooperation and fairness in a sequential prisoner’s dilemma with nature”

Russell Dalton, University of California, Irvine
“The Civic Culture Transformed: From Allegiant to Assertive Citizens”

Jennifer Merolla, Claremont Graduate University
Frames that Matter: Immigration Policy and Undocumented Immigrants in the United States

Brinda Sarathy, Pitzer College
Laid to Waste: Regulating Water Pollution in Southern California, 1947-1972

Joshua Tasoff, Claremont Graduate University
The Role of Time Preferences and Exponential Growth Bias in Retirement Savings

David Bjerk, Claremont McKenna College
Using Exoneration Data to Estimate Racial Differences in Wrongful Conviction Rates

Robert Klitgaard, Claremont Graduate University
Addressing Corruption Together

Patrick James, University of Southern California
The Religious Characteristics of States(RCS)Dataset:Classic Themes and New Evidence for International Relations and Comparative Politics

Vincenzo Quadrini, University of Southern California
The growth of emerging economies and global macroeconomic stability

Yan Li, Claremont Graduate University
Using Association Rules Mining to Facilitate Qualitative Data Analysis in Theory Building

Spring Semester 2015

Yi Feng, Claremont Graduate University
Official Corruption in China: An Empirical Study

Jeff Conklin, CogNexus Institute
Beyond Gridlock: Breaking Our Addiction to Problem Solving

Dana Goldman, University of Southern California
“Rethinking the Value of End-of-Life Care”

Eusebio Alvaro, Claremont Graduate University
“Messages Matter: Highlights from a Research Program Examining Persuasion in the Health Context”

Darren Filson, Claremont McKenna College
Say Goodbye to Hollywood: The Rise of Film Franchises and Performance in Domestic vs Foreign Markets

Sallama Shaker, Claremont Graduate University

Hernan Bejarano, Chapman University

Yariv Fadlon, Claremont Graduate University

Manisha Goel, Pomona College

Ben Gillen, CalTech
“Underbidding and Experience in USFS Timber Auctions

Alan Fiske, UCLA
Relational Models Theory – The Four Elementary Forms of Social Relations

Wendy Wong, U. Toronto
Who You Gonna Call? Leading Authorities Among INGOs

Jana Grittersova, UCR
Foreign Financiers and Sovereign Credit Ratings: Reputational Capital in Sovereign Debt Markets

Daniel Benjamin, Cornell
The Fourth Law of Behavior Genetics