James Badejo Adedokun was born into a polygamous family in Olla, Nigeria in 1954. His mother, the fourth wife, arranged for him to be raised by her brother, and he lived with this uncle from the age of six until nineteen. Following in his uncle’s footsteps, he worked in agriculture for several years in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city. He eventually moved to Ibadan because his wife did not want to live in Lagos.

Transitioning to life in Ibadan was difficult, as it was challenging to find work since he didn’t have connections there. After several years he found work in trading. Looking back on his life, he reflects that he would have liked to be a medical doctor, but his poverty prevented that. However, his oldest daughter is now a medical doctor. He and his wife were able to send all four of their daughters to university.

James joined the Church in 1997 after investigating it for two years. He was initially attracted to the messages he found in his friend’s Liahona magazine, and his interest was further sparked when missionaries brought him a pamphlet which featured a painting of Jesus that he had dreamed of years before. His wife and daughters are members of the Church as well. After being sick much of his life, he now finds himself healthier, and he attributes it to following the Word of Wisdom. He hopes that other members of the church in Nigeria will strengthen in their commitment to the gospel and live up to the standards that it teaches.

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James Adedokun with family

James Adedokun

James Adedokun