Being a single parent, being married in the church, but then raising up a child on my own—it has been very challenging …. but I’ve never felt that the Lord has forsaken me.

It was very challenging initially, because all your emotions get scrambled in your head. So, I became emotionally numb, which I’m still now. I’m still coping up to overcome what I have dealt with…. I don’t know from where I got the strength, but I know the Lord is the source. Because we’ve been taught, whatever teachings have been taught, that has helped me to stand alone with my son. And so this is something that I would want to tell all the single parents, be it a man or a woman, and it is that you need to stand on our own feet and get your education.

If you have a job, do not leave your job. Keep earning, find ways how to earn also, because nowadays, nowadays and always, it is always good to be self-reliant. Because we never know what the future holds for us. Never give up on life…. Emotionally, I would say, I went through a lot. And even I don’t know how I’ve coped up with it. But I think time is the best healer. And always remembering that no matter what, the Lord has your back, always. So these two things.

And, you know, this thing will probably take some time, more time. I would need to overcome this feeling that I have even right now. Because motherhood has been a joy, but more of it has become a responsibility. So the responsibility part weighs more than the joy as a single parent. So I need to balance that thing out more. But now, I would say, after these five years that I’ve been on my own, I’m coming back on living life more happily and looking forward to a bright future.

Tamanna Bhatti