Ana Karina Parson’s Bolivian parents were happy with their two children and comfortable in their Catholic faith. But once they met the missionaries in Australia, they decided that joining the church was a change they wanted to make in their lives. They were impressed with the answers these young missionaries gave to their questions, and prayer confirmed that this was the path they should take.

Ana Karina and two other children were later born into the family. When she was a baby, her parents moved to Argentina and then ten years later, the family moved to their native Bolivia. Living in South America, Ana Karina felt out of place as a member surrounded by Catholics. But prayer has been a guiding force in her life, as she later moved to other countries including Japan, England, and the United States. “My faith helps me with my challenges,” she says. Ana Karina, her British husband, and their four children recently moved to the United States.

Ana Karina wedding

Ana Karina celebrating

Ana Karina with friends