Pablo Schpilman grew up in Quilmes, Argentina and now lives in Buenos Aires. Migration has played an important role in his family history, as his mother’s grandparents migrated to Argentina from Italy and his father’s grandparents were Jewish migrants from Poland. His work in family history has uncovered that both these sets of great grandparents actually lived in the same area of Buenos Aires in which he now serves as bishop.

Pablo is a data analyst for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He has two sons with autism, and the reason he moved to his current neighborhood in Buenos Aires is to be close to his sons’ therapists. One special moment for his family occurred when his son was able to meet President Nelson during the church president’s trip to Argentina in 2019. Pablo reflects that migration is a tough decision and that it is not easy to leave behind family or even culture sometimes, but he advises that people trust their hearts and minds and have confidence that the decision to migrate will eventually be a blessing.

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Pablo with son

Pablo's grandparents

Pablo meeting President Nelson

Pablo's son meets President Nelson

Pablo's two sons