About the Project

This project involves the design and implementation of a culturally-tailored parenting intervention program to prevent the development of problem behaviors, including smoking, among Filipino adolescents in Southern California.


Dennis Trinidad
Dennis Trinidad, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
Email address:  dennis.trinidad@cgu.edu

Ongoing Activities

Parenting to Prevent Problem Behaviors in Filipinos: Currently designing intervention.


Romero RA, Messer K, West JH, White MM, Trinidad DR. Smoking trends among Filipino adults in California, 1990-2005. Preventive Medicine. 2008;46(4):336-39. PUB MED.

Pierce JP, James LE, Messer K, Myers MG, Williams RE, Trinidad DR. Telephone counseling to implement best parenting practices to prevent adolescent problem behaviors. Contemporary Clinical Trials. 2008;29:324-34. PUB MED.


Funding for Parenting to Prevent Problem Behaviors in Filipinos was provided by Award Number MRSGT-07-277-01-CPPB (PI: Trinidad) and IRG # 70-002 (PI: Trinidad) from the American Cancer Society, and Award Number # CA093982-04S1 (PI: Pierce; Co-I: Trinidad) from the National Cancer Institute. The content displayed is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the American Cancer Society or the National Cancer Institute.