“Strategies for an Abolitionist Future” brings together the scholar-activists Dennis Childs, Juliet Hooker, Dylan Rodriguez and Dean Spade for a roundtable conversation about Black Lives Matter, abolitionism, neoliberal capitalism, and the varied scales of activism, ranging from mutual aid and protest to nonprofit work and more institutionally-bound modes of engagement.

Moderated by David Luis-Brown.

Image caption: Thinh Nguyen, “Revolutionary Relic,” 2020, Repurposed pitchfork, skeletal spine, 57 x 7 inches. Image courtesy of the artist. © Thinh Nguyen. CGU MFA.


Dean Spade

Associate Professor at Seattle University

Image courtesy of the speaker.

Juliet Hooker

Professor of Political Science at Brown University

Image courtesy of the speaker.

Dennis Childs

Associate Professor of African American Literature and an affiliate faculty member of the Department of Ethnic Studies at the University of California, San Diego

Image courtesy of the speaker.

Dylan Rodríguez

Professor in the Department of Media and Cultural Studies at University of California, Riverside

Image courtesy of the speaker.