Twenty years ago, our research team set out to study the reasons that lead students to pursue careers in science. What experiences lead students to have an interest in research, and why are some groups underrepresented? To answer these questions, we recruited a large sample of university students from across the United States, and we followed them through their educational and career decisions. If you are one of our panel members, thank you for continuing to engage with us!

Now 20 years later, we continue to follow the unique and diverse pathways of our panel. Some have stayed in science, working as researchers, teachers, medical scientists, and even launching companies. Some have gone to graduate school, and others have left the workforce entirely. Building on this diverse dataset, our research team continues to study the factors behind these critical career decisions.


An Introduction to our work with The Science Study.

About the study
The Science Study is a longitudinal study of students from universities across the United States.
About the panel
For nearly 20 years, we have followed the academic and career journal of a panel of underrepresented students through college and beyond.
About us
The Science Study is conducted by a team of researchers from Claremont Graduate University and Texas A&M University.