The Zoroastrian religion is little known in the United States although it has been an important influence on the development of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the West and Hinduism and Buddhism in the East. The School of Religion is committed to offering courses to provide graduates who will go on to teach religion at colleges and universities, a thorough grounding in Zoroastrian religious ideas and its relationships with the world’s religious traditions. With the guidance of our Zoroastrian Council we are seeking to bring knowledge of this ancient, yet modern religion to our students.

Council Members


  • Mojgan Anravi
  • Arman Ariane
  • David Shahrooz Ash
  • William Brown
  • Armita Dalal
  • Jason Dunnaibe
  • Yasaman Farin
  • Bomi M. Ghadiali
  • Dariush Irani
  • Ali Jafarey
  • Rostam Kasravi
  • Servar Khosravi
  • Jennifer Rose
  • Shahpour Salamati
  • Shahriar Shahriari


The Department of Religion has a rich offering of courses in Zoroastrian Studies. Below is a sampling of courses that may be taken by students interested in an MA or a PhD with a focus in Zoroastrian Studies.


  • Zoroastrian Cosmology, Eschatology, Ethics and Ritual
  • The Origins and Influence of the Zoroastrian Tradition