May 25, 2021

Early Morning Gospel study during a pandemic

Alberta Canada
Submitted By:
Denise Miles
Location: Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada
Story Date: 2020-2021

Affiliated Tradition:
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Gender: Female
Age: 67

My story at this time is during the COVID 19 Pandemic and my first year of teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to young adults. With the world seemingly upside down my time spent in the scriptures to prepare for lessons for my students has been a sweet spiritual journey for me personally and as the world grasp for answers and adjusted with the changes of what we could do and what we could not, Father in Heaven paved the way for seminary in my home in the early morning hours then on Zoom. What a blessing to see the youth adjust to these changes and grow spiritually as most only had seminary to look forward to and that was what was constant. Not forgetting our families and the closeness with them as we stay home more and have direction and programs to draw on through the church that has helped us draw closer even when many of us are far away.

Alberta Canada