September 16, 2021

Promptings of the Holy Ghost

rainy windshield
Submitted By: Carol Ta’ala
Location: Australia
Story Date: July 2021

Affiliated Tradition: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Identity: Samoan
Gender: Female
Age: 54

They sat there, all huddled in their beat up wagon. Not a smile in sight. Heads bowed in despair. Two young children sat with runny noses, looking at me with hopelessness. The young mother draped over the steering wheel, head in hands, sobbing. My heart broke, as I instantly felt a surge of empathy. I felt the spirit of compassion towards these human beings, as I knew i could not walk away. Gently, i tapped on the window ..Are you ok my dear? I am here to help you. She just looked at me and sobbed..thankyou. I invited them into my home, and there started the gradual process of repair. She told me her story of despair, and throughout the coming weeks, we were able to put some light back into their lives, with unconditional love.

rainy windshield