March 27, 2021

My Experience as a Latter-day Saint during COVID

Covid Fear
Submitted By:
Mark R
Location: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Story Date: February 14, 2021

Affiliated Tradition:
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Identity: Caucasian heterosexual Christian
Gender: Male

In terms of COVID, the first thing that made it real was seeing a lot of empty shelves at the store. We also had an earthquake here in Utah within a week of working at home, so that made things feel apocalyptic. But I, as well as most in the world, have adapted. Being prepared is part of our culture. My wife and I went through our food storage and threw much of it out that was too old. I realized that food storage is like insurance…it’s meant to be just in case you need it.

It has been good for me as I have been able to work from home. I have worked on self-development. I have been reading more, which I had intended to do for years, but it was not a priority for me. I have learned so much, especially about myself. I have been able to get organized and to get my life in order. I have been able to prioritize what is most important to me. I have been able to improve my knowledge and skills, such as having emotional intelligence and being a better listener. I have been working on understanding others. My biggest struggle is that I have had to adapt to difficult people (mostly coworkers). I have learned about them and myself, which helps me to cope with difficulties that arise. I have considered the natural man within myself and I have chosen to become closer to God. While things are challenging at times, I believe I am becoming a better person in the process.

I have gotten accustomed to worshiping at home. My Sunday routine includes scripture study, Church (half virtual, half in person) Religious articles and a family lesson.

COVID has been a blessing because I am able to be around my family more, which is related to my faith.

To me, I have seen examples of how our Prophet is inspired by God. A few examples:

  • – To have the Come Follow Me program shows that it was inspired so that we could have structure as we learn as a family at home.
  • – To reach out to the NAACP for unity before racial tensions increased across the country.
  • – To be an example about getting the vaccine. If the leaders wouldn’t have gotten it, millions would have chosen not to.
  • – Our semi-annual conferences offer hope and inspiration, not fear.

I love brief quotes. Here are some that have inspired me at this time:
“Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree.”-Martin Luther. There are many similar quotes, but this type of quote helps me to live a normal life while being aware of the chaos in the world.

“You must get at a man through his own religion, not yours.” -George Bernard Shaw. There has been much political division which is intertwined with COVID. The world needs more tolerance. We must build on common beliefs. We need to understand others so that we can love them.

Covid Fear

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson. AND… “Be who you are and say how you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter, don’t mind.” Dr. Seuss or Bernard Baruch. I have been able to understand myself better. I feel that much of the media is pushing their agenda and there are mixed signals that I interpret to say: Be what you want (but be how we want you to be … liberal).

One spiritual insight I had at this time: I was thinking about how much I like it and feel honored when my kids ask for my advice. So, then I thought that I believe that God would feel the same way when I pray and ask for His advice. While being at home more, I am no longer on the sidelines and I am taking a more active role in the lives of my children. I want to teach them and inspire them. When I do, I feel the Spirit of God.