January 29, 2021

A Lengthier Transition

welcome to mapleton
Submitted By:
Tracie Carter
Location: Mapleton, UT, USA
Story Date: November, 2020

Affiliated Tradition:
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

My young family lived in Germany associated with the US military for ten years prior to 2020. Transition was a common word in our home. One third of our international school, military community, and ward would move out each summer and a new third would arrive by the end of August. Our schooling was always transitioning. German kindergarten, international school, home school, German immersion school, mainstream German school. My kids were so relieved that being in the US offered less transition and more predictable consistency. Each transition took months, sometimes years to settle into and moving stateside again was no different.

Having finally settled into social and academic grooves, the pandemic has now been our transition. Uncertainty is always present, however, it has never been so front-of-mind, impacting every desire and action. A year ago I became diligent for the first time at reading my scriptures daily. It has anchored me like nothing else could this past year of so many transitions – new big calling, new job, pandemic, remote schooling five children while both of us parents worked, leaving my job, job hunting, cancelled hopes of activities for my children and always trying to mindfully maintain and strengthen relationships with family members, neighbors and ward members.

I have seen the hand of the Lord in prompting me to lay the groundwork in my family and Relief Society for faith and connection. Moving meetings online was not a struggle because my counselor and I learned the ins and outs at work. The tempo of Gathering Israel hasn’t felt slowed, just shifted from old ways of doing, but not being.

welcome to mapleton

The knowledge, inspiration and tools are always available because God prevails as I allow Him to. The Restoration of all things continues and I get to participate in my piece. The pandemic is simply the latest transition and I am grateful to feel rather agile and not stuck because transitions have been my life’s consistent rhythm with Him at the helm.