Core 4

Core Director: C. Anderson Johnson
Core Co-Director: Paula Palmer
Core Co-Director: Jennifer Unger

The Administrative-Scientific Liaison Core provides the scientific and administrative leadership key to the efficient and productive operation of the center. Specifically, the core provides leadership and scientific direction to insure integration of all projects and cores and movement towards the stated aims of the center.

It is establishing strategies, structures, and activities to stimulate opportunities for collaborative transdisciplinary tobacco use and prevention and alcohol comorbidity research with other TTURCs, academic institutions, and new research partners. In addition, it has created and is maintaining a centralized administrative infrastructure, including general administrative and budgetary assistance for cores and projects and oversight of domestic and international Institutional Review Board issues.

The core has established external and internal advisory committees of experts representing scientific, ethical, cultural, community, and environmental, and policy perspectives to gain guidance on center direction and activities. The core also evaluates the scientific progress, integration, and transdisciplinarity of projects and cores, and maintains a web-based communication system for scientific exchange within and outside the university.