Core 2

Core Director: Stan Azen
Core Co-Director: Chih-Ping Chou
Core Co-Director: David V. Conti

The Statistics Core provides data management and statistical support for projects in the center. Core members provide an interface between center investigators and statistical resources.

The Statistics Core maintains a fast multiprocessor computer and web-based server that are accessible directly or through the campus network by all research center investigators. This resource provides a central repository for data, facilitates file sharing among center investigators, and supports many commonly used software packages and web-based centralized statistical analysis system.

In addition to research support, the Statistics Core includes an educational component. This involves increasing the understanding of statistical issues among center investigators through formal and informal consultations, broadening the awareness by statisticians of the many applications of statistical theory to health problems, and enhancing graduate programs in biostatistics, statistical genetics, epidemiology, and prevention research by providing a mechanism to assign graduate students to research problems on which they can work under supervision.

In addition, the core assists the Measurement Core in carrying out psychometrics analyses and quality control on data collection process. The core also conducts methodological research resulting from statistical issues arising from the research programs of the research center.