Whose God? Which Tradition?

Feb. 11-12, 2005
Albrecht Auditorium

Volume: Whose God? Which Tradition?

Conference Chair:
D.Z. Phillips
Danforth Professor of Philosophy of Religion
Claremont Graduate University

Friday, Feb. 11

9:30 am God and Grammar: An Invitational Introduction
D.Z. Phillips, Claremont Graduate University
11:00 am Coffee
11:30 am God: Beyond Subject and Object
Fergus Kerr, Blackfriars, Oxford
1:00 pm Lunch
2:30 pm God and Being in Philosophy
Gyula Klima, Fordham University
4:00 pm Coffee
4:30 pm Reception

Saturday, Feb. 12

9:30 am Divine Simplicity
James Ross, University of Pennsylvania
11:00 am Coffee
11:30 am Is God a Moral Agent?
Brian Davies, Fordham University
1:00 pm Lunch
2:30 pm        Anthropomorphism in Catholic and Protestant Thought
David Burell, University of Notre Dame
Paul Helm, University of London
4:00 pm Coffee
4:30 pm General Discussion