April 3, 2004

The Social Psychology Faculty of the Claremont Colleges invite you, your students, and your colleagues to a conference on “Stigma and Group Inequality: Social Psychological Approaches”. It will be held on Saturday, April 3, 2004, in the Mary Pickford Auditorium, Bauer Center at Claremont McKenna College. We request that you register and make lunch reservations in advance. Please contact us by Friday, March 26, 2004 to reserve places.

Tickets are $45 ($25 for students), payable to “Claremont Graduate University.” Please fill out the Registration Form and send checks to:

Applied Social Psychology Symposium
Claremont Graduate University
123 E. 8th St.
Claremont, CA 91711-3955

For additional information, call the Claremont Graduate University Psychology Department at (909) 621-8084 or e-mail psych@cgu.edu.

Researchers with work highly relevant to the theme of the conference are invited to submit a poster or informal paper proposal by sending a title and 500-word abstract (with names, institutional affiliations, and addresses of each author) by February 1, 2004 to:

Shana Levin
Department of Psychology
Claremont McKenna College
850 Columbia Avenue
Claremont, CA 91711-6420

Click here to download a pdf-format version of the symposium flyer, including the schedule and registration form.

Posters and Presentations: There will be a poster and informal presentation session during the wine and cheese reception. Click here for a list of posters and presentations.

Spring 2004 Schedule
Stigma and Group Inequality: Social Psychological Approaches
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8:00 Registration

8:30 Welcome

8:35 Panel I: Responses to Stigma
Chair: Colette van Laar, Leiden University

An Overview of Social Psychological Theories of Coping with Stigma
Carol Miller, University of Vermont

Interpersonal Responses to Discrimination Claimants: A Meritocracy-Threat Approach
Cheryl R. Kaiser, Michigan State University

Start Complaining! The Intrapersonal Costs of Not Confronting Perpetrators of Prejudice
J. Nicole Shelton, Princeton University, and Jennifer A. Richeson, Dartmouth College

Responses to Stigma: A Synthesis
Janet Swim, Pennsylvania State University

10:20 Coffee Break

10:35 Panel II: Effects of Stigma on Adjustment and Intergroup Relations
Chair: Shana Levin, Claremont McKenna College

Concealable versus Conspicuous Stigmatized Identities
Diane Quinn, University of Connecticut

When Environments Threaten: The Case of Women and Math
Michael Inzlicht and Catherine Good, New York University

Mechanisms for Coping with Anxious Expectations of Race-based Rejection
Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton, University of California, Berkeley
Stigma and Intergroup Contact among Members of Minority and Majority Status Groups
Linda R. Tropp, Boston College

Effects of Stigma on Adjustment and Intergroup Relations: A Synthesis
Brenda Major, University of California, Santa Barbara

12:45 Luncheon (included in conference fee; reservations required)

2:00 Panel III: Stigma and the Social Basis of the Self
Chair: Colette van Laar, Leiden University

The Interpersonal Basis of Self-Stereotyping
Stacey Sinclair and Jeff Huntsinger, University of Virginia

Stigma and Shame: Emotional Responses to the Stereotypic Actions of One’s Ethnic Ingroup

Toni Schmader, University of Arizona and Brian Lickel, University of Southern California

The Self Expansion Model: Extensions to Ingroup Identification
Tracy McLaughlin-Volpe, University of Vermont

Stigma and the Social Basis of the Self: A Synthesis
Jennifer Crocker, University of Michigan

3:45 Closing Remarks

4:00 Poster & Informal Paper Session with Wine and Cheese Reception

Shana Levin, Claremont McKenna College
Colette van Laar, Leiden University, The Netherlands
Mark Costanzo, Claremont McKenna College