Our lab collaborates closely with clients to produce a range of evidence-based, human-centric talent management and HR solutions. We are motivated by meaningful work with the potential for positive impact.

While our work is rooted in scientific research, our multidisciplinary teams encourage diverse viewpoints to question and challenge assumptions and create tailored deliverables that prioritize the human factor. We aim to bring out the best in people and emphasize inclusion and mitigating potential adverse impact for employees of all backgrounds.

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“Accenture is incredibly fortunate to be able to collaborate with 20 gifted scholars through the CATI Lab, who share behavioral science and innovative ideas with us to solve challenging real-world problems for our Human Resources organization. In my experience, the Lab members are bright, well-read, professional, and also good people who seem to genuinely care about each other and about doing outstanding work together in their field.”
Kathryn (“Kelly”) McGregor
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Given our diverse academic strengths and work experiences, we offer a range of services.


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