We take pride in our diverse work experiences, strengths and backgrounds, and work hard to cultivate an inclusive and psychologically safe environment where we can learn and grow from one another.

Our Mission

It is the mission of the Talent Innovation Lab to contribute to transformative change within people operations by providing them with innovation, strategic solutions and visionary insights. Our agile community of positive change agents uses a scientific, human-centered approach to maximize the benefits and minimize adverse impact across organizational levels and diverse groups at our client organizations.

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Member Testimonials

“I’ve continued to learn how to balance theory and application through my work with Accenture. It’s important to know how to translate theory not only for others, but for yourself.”

”A good chunk of this work was motivating/exciting as it got me out of my comfort zone, learning new skills and challenging the ones I had already gained.”

“This lab provides a unique opportunity to integrate research in psychology into the workplace and allows us to focus on human- centric approaches to talent management and Human Resources.”


Here is where some of our alumni members are currently working:

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